Case Study

Case Study for Responsive Website


Case 1

Bermad ( has been a world leading provider in hydraulic control valves for over 50 years, with subsidiaries in Australia, Brazil, China, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States. It has distributors or direct presence in over 85 countries


Bermad China (, Bermad’s subsidiary in Shanghai, has been in China for more than 20 years.
To embrace the mobile age and to provide a better experience for mobile users, BERMAD China decided to build a mobile website.
Bermad Chinese website uses traditional design, totaling over 700 web pages. There are more than 500 models of hydraulic valves as well as PDF manual for each product.


After taking the job of Bermad’s mobile site, we divide the work in four parts:


1. Build the website with responsive web design. The website will automatically adjust its structure automatically to suit smart phones, iPad, other tablets and desktop computers.
2. Use an advanced content management system (CMS), and MySQL for database.
3. The mobile site is hosted in the sub-domain
4. When the mobile phone users and tablet users access, the site automatically switches to the mobile site


After the mobile site is completed, visitors can browse the site with any devices. And the client is very happy with the look and functionalities.

Case 2

Golf Course Builders Association of America ( takes part in golf exhibitions in China every year and promotes businesses for its members.


To allow more Chinese partners and mobile users to have a better understanding the association, GCBAA hopes to build a Chinese website with responsive design.


For GCBAA, we build the Chinese website at After making some changes according to the GCBAA's requirements, we get positive feedback from the client.

Case 3

Gaotune ( is a high tech company that provides high-performance noncrystalline and nanocrystalline alloy and components. Their products are widely applied to power electronics, new energy, aerospace and aviation, communication.


Some renowned clients of Gaotune include: ABB, GE, SIEMENS, Huawei and Power One. As Gaotune attends overseas exhibitions and launches promotions around the world every year, it is necessary to have a mobile website that allows visitors to understand the products.


According to the requirements and instructions by Gaotune, we build the mobile website with responsive framework, and host the website at When mobile users go to, they are automatically redirected to the mobile website.

Case 4

Decker Instruments is an expert in polygraph, whose site is Since the site was built with an old design, the company needs a new website.


As the customer still wishes to keep the old site, the new responsive website we built is hosted at a new domain name The site automatically adapts to suit computers, smart phones and tables.


In this case, the website uses a new domain, which is also a good choice for mobile website.